The very first Amstrad CPC game I worked on at Ocean. Just to give you an idea of the resolution we had to work with back then. Renegade uses Mode 0 which was 160x200 pixels. If you now look up at the top of this website and the left hand dragon guarding the main banner. She's approximately 140x140. And mode 0 uses those fat pixels. Twice as long as high....

The loading screen above was quite an important item when your game was recorded on cassette tape. That's right folks, a normal audio cassette, where the game is recorded in squeeks and squaks souding very much like the old modem dial up process....Whilst waiting for your tape to load the first thing we put up was the loading screen. I remember it coming in line by line, and when it finally loaded you were sure to wait so more for your game to load. These loading screens got to be a bit of an artform, this one is based on the box artwork, but I added in my own graffitti. Can you spot some 2000AD references? 2000AD has been a big influence artistically over the years. There's a shout out to my Mum, of course :) And some other obscure stuff for you to ponder :)

Another way to look at the limited resolution would be this...You could fit 4 screens from the Amstrad Mode 0 onto an Apple Watch. In mode 1 (nice square pixels and 320x200) you could fit 2 screens, one above the other (Approximately). Kids today....tut!....Don't know how good they've got it ;)


A typical screen from the game. Renegade caused a little controvery for it's violence. In fact, we had red blood oozing from the defeated oponent's head. What can I say, we were young and knew no better. However this was just at teh time when video games were being blamed for youth violence, it the tradition of comic books and good ol' rock n' roll. And then the awful Hungerford massacre happened and we prompty changed the blood to blue.


Image copyright Ocean Sofware Ltd


Code : Unknown
GFX : Mark K. Jones
Music : xxxxxxx
© Konami - Ocean 1987