A small selection of the artwork I worked on for Aralon

With Aralon I was brought in to add some polish to a game with existing artwork. In many cases the art asset had already been created by the programmer and was up and running in the game  as a placeholder. This introduced  limits to what could be changed.  A basic polygon count per scene was set and, as this was a mobile game where size and speed were an issue, any new graphics had to fit within those parameters.

Smoke and Mirrors

To the right you can see the limited polygons one had to describe a house. The rest of the 'detail' was filled in using textures.


However with some art I was allowed to come up with my own interretation. Here are two views of a city I built.
With the basic city set out, it was then populated with various items to give it that lived in feel. Lots of narrow alleys filled with hanging washing and barrels.

Some examples of 'fill' art that was used to add some interest to the environment, without adding too much polygon overhead.

The characters were fairly low polygon, and were designed to be able to switch heads and textures to give some variety to the people.

Village type person. Add any head you want... and you have a King! Sharing the same model, but different texture. (Probably should have did something with those shoes now I think about it)

A Having a limited polygon count was in some ways reminiscent of the early days of gaming, before high end gaming consoles and PCs.  More recent mobile phones and tablets allow for a much richer and detailed world.

But is was good to stretch those muscles again :)

Here's an example of the original game art, and below is the final in game art that replaced it.

And another screen from the final game