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"Allowing thousands of players to adventure, grow,and even fight one another, Dark Age of Camelot is set in Europe's mythological past. Incorporating Arthurian legends, Norse mythology,and Irish Celtic lore."

After finishing up monsters on Morrowind I began work on DAoC. I came in near the end of the project to supply monster design, models and textures. With some animation thrown in too. The models ranged between 500-1000 poygons, somewhat less than Morrowind which varied from 1000-5000. I would supply a sketch of the propossed creature based on a description, then once the necessary modifications had been made I began design and texturing. On this page you will find some of the creatures I worked on. More detail can be found by clicking each graphic. Below is a small selection of creatures from my work on DAoC.

Sabre Toothed Cat

The Creatures for DAoC and Shrouded ISles were a very varied lot. They ranged from Prehistoric beasts such as this Sabre-toothed cat, to Dinosaurs, Mythological creatures, bizarre imaginary creatures, and even giant insects! Creatures that the player were familiar with were the hardest. After all, people have a pretty good idea what a  large  predatory cat should look like. Far less room for error than with a large amphibious buck tooth salamander!


A mythical creature which combined the hind quarters of a lion and the head, legs and wings of an eagle. This could have looked rather silly, but the modeling proved to be one of the easier creatures to work on.
I used the American Bald Eagle as a model for this chap's head, and added the ear tufts to give it that Gryphon look.

The Gargaran

An Amphibious fish like creature.
Again, when given free reign on design I tend to give my creatures large teeth and gums.
Something about that recurring nightmare where I'm eaten alive perhaps? :)

The Insects.

There were a number of the large insects that I worked on. As well as this beetle, which is fantasy based, I also designed a Cicada, dragonfly, preying mantis, which were more closely linked to reality.

Yet another winged female. Every fantasy game  seems to want a half naked winged female. The first one I did was for Stormlord, then the main character in Insects in space, the Seducer from Daggerfall followed, the cover of Battlespire was next, then the  Harpy like creature for Morrowind. Nnd now this one. :)

The Orc

Based on the Bud Westmore designed creature from the 1954 classic "Creature from the Black Lagoon", Mythic wanted their "Orc" to look a lot different from those in other games. Taking my starting point from visual references from the movie I add my interpretations.

For more images of the creature please click either image.

Dilophosaur, "Spitter".

Based on the Jurassic Park creation, Mythic wanted to include the silly "ear fans" seen in the movie, for which there's not a shred of fossil evidence for. However, I made them anyway!    
Very large textures were designed for Mythic, in the hope that future expansions of the game would be capable of using them.

In the image to the left I left off the fins. and in the image below I've left them on for comparison. Due to polygon limits it's teeth are fairly sparse, and thinking back I should have included "tooth" stumps on the mouth texture to fill out the mouth more.

'Sea Creature' Click on the graphic for more details! Sea Creature
Another variant on the above, which, believe it or not, use the same skeleton and animations. In this case supplied by Chris Ondrus (SkyNET).

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


These two models, the basilisk and the Cockatrice below are an example of the reuse of  skeletons. Both use the same skeleton, and same animation. This saves memory and allows more variety in the graphics.

Click the image opposite for a more detailed view.

Click on this graphic for more details.

 The Basilisk variant. In Lore the cockatrice became synonamous with the Basilisk, but were earlier quite distinct.

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Ogre

 With it's final texture texture. The origianl was  changed as it was felt it looked too "Quake-ish". The current texture is much darker, but I thought it would be interesting to see an early version of it. Click on the graphic for a more detailed looked at the creation of this creature.

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


A High resolution model of teh in game version. This creature was loosley based on the beasts from Tremors II.

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


 The scorpion shares the same skeleton and animations as the crab.

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Crab

Click on the graphic to view a larger version.

Copyright (c) 2001, Mythic Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

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