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"Greetings traveler, to this corner of the Eyrie. It is here I, Malthar, let my pitiful peon, the young Jones, offer a more focused eye onto some of his 'artwork'. This area is set aside for some projects that might never have seen the light of day, or show some paticualrly interesting graphics that might not be possible on their resepctive pages."

To the right - Malthar redux - About time the old bloke had a redo. Malthar, in one guise or another has been the host of this website for many years. He's a character I created way back in the 1980's and in some shape or form (and perhaps under different names) has appeared in many of the games I've worked on since then. He's my Uncle Creepy, or Cousin Eerie. (2016)"
Zbrush WIP - Malthar The Mage
This work in progress is Malthar, without beard and hair of course. I'll update this page as the sculpt progresses, and the hair and texture are added. This is the base model, after about a day or two's work.

My most recent projects have involved relatively low polygon modelling so I wanted to work on something a little more high end.

This three quarter profile is intended to echo my old 'Elven Noble' at the bottom of this page, my first 3D studio MAX piece. That was over 20 years ago!

I'll probably add a skull cap to the model as a variant. When Malthar first appeared under his name in Darkmere he sported a nice silver skull cap. Just like Merlin in the movie "Excaliber". Might be nice to add some designs on that. Eventually I'll use the 3D model as a host for each page of this site.

Mark Jones 2017

Here's an earlier version of Malthar from Darkmere an AMIGA and Atari ST isometric game I designed back in the mists of time, and released in 1993. He re-appeared soon after in Dragonstone, and has been popping up under various names since then. This pixel work was created very simply, pixel by pixel. It took much longer to draw this piece of artwork than it did to create the Zbrush model above.

AS the years go by I start to look more and more like him. That can't be good...
Goblin King.
The ancient goblin king, last of his kind. The goblins, while young, are shrew like creatures. As they age their skin become evermore like bark. Weighed down with the burden of his dying race the king rests, pondering his fate.

The goblins are pilferers. Taking what they need from where they can find it. The King's sceptre is one such item. (Now you know where your socks end up)

Pre-production artwork from "Goblins", a cancelled project. (2015)
Clannfear - 2016
'redo' of sorts. Originally designed for Battlespire for Bethesda Softworks back in 1997 (Going on 20 years at the time of writing! YIKES)I recently redid this for my own satisfation. This is how i would have liked that original to have looked, this time using Zbrush.

Dinosaur Swamp (2014).
A rough pre-production artwork for another cancelled project, this time a time traveling, dinosaur game. Establishing look and feel, all a bit rough and ready I'm afraid, but for initial art this is usually the case. Once the team how a good feel for a project, more refined artwork can be produced. Most artwork at this stage is simply tossed or modified. Speed and flow of ideas are the most important.

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Many more examples coming soon

Placerias ( Ravensword II 2012).
A This pre-dinosaur creature is based on the Placerias, which we used in Ravensword II as "cow" creature. Herbiversous and relatively docile. This is the "bull" version (More horns, just in case you were wonde rin')

The Queen (2006)

hese characters are from an un-fiinished game, and will unfortunately never see the light of day. I produced the inital concept sketch, and used that as a spring board for the modelling and texturing. This Character is  "The Queen", and had to give off an air of power, beauty and menace.  A cold but beautiful presense.  She was desinged to use 2 texture sets, the second one I began but never finsihed.
The view more about theis character and other desings  I completed for this project click HERE or  on any of the images you see here. 

© 2007 Mark Jones. All Rights Reserved.
This was a very enjoyable project, as I don't often have the oppurunity to do "real" art, but for this project I was given free reign to come up with character skeches  from my own imagination, and not have to match a pre exising style or visuals


Shadowkey (2004)

The Cover/Poster artwork for Shadowkey on the N-gage.  The last Elder Scrolls Travels title I was to work on, and this time I was fortunate enough to be given the cover design.

I've been extremely lucky in my career to have drawn so many dragons, and this one is the latest. The dragon bears some resemblance to the Daggerfall logo and this was intentional as I saw Shadowkey as a blend of Daggerfall and Morrowind, the old and the new if you will. As with all the images on this page, clicking on the art will take you to a more detailed description with a larger version of the artwork.
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For the longest time I did not like this cover, an even now, as a cover, I believe it has problems but as a poster it works well. A simple uncluttered image.

© 2003 Vir2L Studios Inc., a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.
The Gehenoth
From the mobile game "The Elder Scrolls Travels: Dawnstar". This was a render created for E3 to be used as a Standee. The actual game graphics are much smaller. Samples can be seen at the Travels webpages. Click on the graphic oposite for a larger version.
This is probably my favourite creature that I have so far worked on for Dark Age of Camelot. I'm currently working on some new creatures though, so we'll see if that remains so!

The Fabricant

This creature is from Tribunal, one of the two Morrowind expansions that Bethesda produced. It's a combination of the organic
and the machine. A freakish cyborg, born not of science but of magic.

It has the feel of a scorpion about it, and I modeled the animation after a scorpion in some respects.

For this creature I was given larger textures to make use of, in this case 512x512.
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© 2003 Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.
Basilisk This is a close up of a basilisk I did for Dark Age of Camelot. Click on the image for more shots of it. Also check out the Dark Age of Camelot section of this site for more info on the creature and others. 
This is probably my favourite creature that I have so far worked on for Dark Age of Camelot. I'm currently working on some new creatures though, so we'll see if that remains so!

Elven Noble This is a sketch for an Elven Lord I had done whilst at Bethesda. The Elves are a popular race that features in The Elder Scrolls series of RPGs and they have always appealed to me. It's a combination of both 3D and 2D packages, in this case 3D Studio MAX and MetaCreation's Painter. The texture for the face was created in Painter and the final image was also "doctored" after rendering. (Note the hair and ear are sketched onto the image, after further suggestions from the designer). 
I believe the latest look for The Elder Scrolls elves is very different from this, my personal idea. Still it was a nice way to get my feet wet on Studio MAX as this was the first thing that I did using that piece of software.

The Clannfear, to the right, is a creature I designed for Bethesda Softworks' Battlespire . This is one of my favourites and had intended to be used in "The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind" but due to design changes (Morrowind will feature true, real-time 3D characters, not sprites) the creature was no longer needed and so after some modifications and a name change it found itself into Battlespire. All modelling, texturing and animation was accomplished in Alias Power Animator. Some sample animations of the Clannfear and other creatures from Battlespire appear in the Past Projects section. 
A detail from Bethesda's first Website intro page. (They are currently into their third incarnation). This guy has a long and somewhat murky past. When Bethesda first approached the artists there to come up with something for their new web page we were working flat out to get Daggerfall completed. For my selection therefore I reused many graphics from the animation sequences I was working on at that time , but we still needed an introduction page. The webmaster at that time wanted to have some kind of 3D wizard, but time constraints meant we only had time to create a 2D one. 
Fortunately I already had an image I believed could form the bare bones of a new graphic, one that I had created for Darkmere, an Amiga game I had designed a year or two before. That image itself was inspired by "The Last Spell" by Jeff Easley for TSR, the Role Playing company. The final image was the first I created using Painter, up to that time all my images had been pixel-pushed. That is, each pixel was individually placed, one by one, after choosing its colour. A very labourious task! The final image here is therefore inspired by a previous work that inturn has been inspired by another. Currently I am laying the plans for a new version, this time in 3D.
To the left is some pre-production work for Battlespire . Although never used in the game, it was used in Bethesda's sale sheet for Battlespire. The Armor and basic female model was also used extensively for female-daedra character dialogue. The rather rigid stance is intentional; the mesh is about to be attached to the base frame of a inverse kinematic skeleton. 
Sketches. Click on the sketch to the left to take you to some more sketches.