Gryzor was based on the arcade game of the same name, also know as CONTRA, which is the title most people will be familiar with. Gryzor was very well recieved by the Amstrad CPC community as I think it finally demonstrated what the CPC could do in the hands of the right programmer. Great project to work on, but it was also my last CPC game. After this I moved onto the Atari ST, Amiga and PC.  

The screen shots dotted around this page are from the first level but I will eventually add more as time allows, and I get the CPC emulator up and running. You'll notice on one of them that it has blue borders to the left and right. The reason for this is to get the Amstrad screen down to a more manageable size. The basic Amstrad screen was 16K, 16K is a lot for a Z80 to chuck around so John Brandwood knocked it doen to a more maneagble 12K. Hence the blue bars. Just to give you an idea most of the graphics you'll see on the site are more than 16K on their own. Many of them wouldn't even fit into the memeory of a standard 8-bit computer!

The art program I used was pretty basic. Cursor movement was via the keyboard, you hit a key to place a pixel and another to cycle through the available 16 colours. It may also have had a fill command.

Image copyright Ocean Software

Loading Screen
The picture at the top of this page is the loading screen from the Amstrad CPC version of Gryzor. Back in the good ol' 8-bit days most games were on tape. A game could take quite a few minutes to load, so it was very common to have a title screen and sometimes music play while loading was going in. The loading screen/intro thing turned into quite an art form. To give you an idea of the loading time you can proably download the emulator file for Gryzor from the web quicker than it took to load off it off tape!

Image copyright Ocean Software

John was an evil bugger. After battling through all teh levels and destroying teh alien heart, you are greeted with the "win" screen to the left.

More Info I hope to get back to this page soon with more info but for now I'll have to leave things as they are as my current workload doesn't afford too much free time.

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Graphics: Mark Jones
Code: John Brandwood
Music: Roger Fenton
Design: Konami (arcade conversion)

© Konami - Ocean 1987