A small selection of independent games from the last few years

On this page you can see some of the "Independent games" I've worked on over the years. These are usually smaller games,  where I can work on much, if not all, of the art work, and are much closer to the smaller games of "old". These make a nice break from the now HUGE games that may be state of the art, but can get some what  "corporate" at times., and take many years to complete
This page is a work in progress and in the coming weeks I'll add some more details.

A whimsical unicorn. I had to reign in any desire I had to make this more "War horse" like, as my style tend  towards the dark.  
My natural inclination was to make this "gal" a "guy", make him black and add blood to the horn.  Fortunately I was able to control myself, and the final unicorn  has a purple hue and a golden mane.

The title screen from the game "Zamby" for Kristanix. I puzzle game featuring old style pixel graphics.I had some input into the game "storyline" which is always a nice plus.

y attempt at "cute'. Most if not all of my past games have been fairly dark. Sometimes,  unintentionally, some "cute and funny" may have crept in. This little fella was based on  a few characters, blending a cute bear with an "alien" look. Some of the earlier version looked more alien, and had bare skin.

Among the many variations of Zamby was this one, with a more alien like hands, a tail, and big ears!

The game features a map of the playable area. Here's an early version of it. The compass, clouds, and map grid would later disappear.


cover of a title I never had a chance to finish as I lost contact with the designer/programmer. A shame as I had much of the project finished. I like to work on title screen such as this as it's a chance just to "do" pure "art" and not have to worry about polygon counts, engine limitations, and limited pallets.

I couldn't turn down this chance to do a moody moonlit castle! :)
The Castle

Based on some photos I had taken over the years I found various pieces that worked together then having the bare bones laid out , painted over it to pull the whole thing together.

This character went through ,many iterations and the final version looks very different from what I had originally intended.