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Tuesday 29th May 2001
I have a new list! (That means work for me for another 2 months!). I have some finsihing up to do this week on the monsters, then I'm onto others bits and bobs, odds and sods, this and that. No monsters though. E3 went rather well didn't it!? Despite a rather dodgey bootleg video of the game, with Ken at the helm. (You DID take that down didn't you Kathode?) ;o)

Wednesday 16th May 2001
Last week I posted some graphics of the skeleton. Unfortunately I had to pull them off rather quickly as I was unaware that that particular monster was still under an embargo. PC Gamer exclusive don't you know! Sorry about that. Todd had informed me that there will be Monster wallpaper up some time in the future so once that's up I'll post some more info on the monsters, their creation and other interesting facts that I can make up by then! :o) With E3 upon us things are rather busy. I'm sure we'll hear more when Todd and Ken return.

Tuesday 8th May 2001
Nothing new to report, 'cept E3 approaches and stress levels rise. Thankfully though Ken wore long pants today, so no "gapping". Nothing worse than Ken's milky white thighs hurtling across a conference table and his shorts "gapping". Some things should remain a secret, 'specially when they're old and desiccated.

There's some minor changes to the creature, perhaps another day's work. Then I'm onto my last creature. This time it's a bit more human.

Thursday 3rd May 2001
I've finished the model for the new creature, and most of the textures are complete. I'll physique it tomorrow and start the animation. The attack animation's going to be very strange. I don't have the usual tooth and claw to rely on.

Tuesday 1st May 2001
Horse slime. Monster wallpaper. Tattoos. That was my day, how was yours? Christine had been slimed by one of her horses before she came in today, there's a chance of some monster wallpaper for the new, and I need to increase the contrast of the tattoos on the latest character.

Add to that Ken sliding provoctively across the art meeting table to Gary, and Todd having Taxi driver flashbacks from Ken's gyrations it all got a bit wierd. Then there was Michael's email from CA...

It was all a bit much for me!

Work-wise I've scapped the first itteration of the "Micheal Creature". I'll redo it tomorrow, and change those tattoos on that last character. That's about it from me today, now where did I put that cup of tea?

Monday 30th April 2001
The new Elder Scrolls website is now up and running!! There's also some new art up there, including weapons and at least one of the monsters I've worked on, so I'll be updating the Morrowind pages here shortly. Just as soon as I get a handle on this latest monster. He's proving to be a pain.

Tuesday 24th April 2001
Okay it's three weeks since I've updated. My apologies, but with the trip to CA and then root canal work on my genetically inferior British teeth, I've been at reduced power for a while.

Art Meeting: Todd gave us an update on his trip to the UK last week. All I can clearly remember is a half naked Todd atop a cake being oggled by French taxi drivers. That, and dried snot. And all at an average speed of 400 mph!

As far as work goes I have two creatures almost complete since my last update. One a wierd female chimera of a creature, and the other a more human looking one. In fact too human. I'll be making some changes tomorrow after the group discussion with Christiane, Todd and Juan. Next up after that is the freakiest thing I've done so far on Morrowind. What were you smoking Michael!? ;o)

Oh yeah, and the new website REALLY should be up by Friday! ;o)

Tuesday 3rd April 2001
The Art meeting was pretty uneventful this week, so nothing really to report there. We did have a team photo taken, which will go up on the new website. No news as far as I'm aware of a definate date for that though.

I'll be off for California for a week from tomorrow, so no updates for a while. The creature's textures are coming together but I've a bit more tweaking here and there on the model. Should have that all done in a few days after I get back.