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Saturday 18th August 2001
Sorry no Tuesday update this week. I had the meeting late in the afternoon and have been too busy to update. More tweaking and a new list. You should all be releieved though that there's one creature I'm not tweaking. It would end up looking like some crtitter with four, long, prehensile, male appendages! At least that's the opinion I got on my textures for the assccociated weapons for this creature. You are all very lucky... :o)

Friday 10th August 2001
Tweaking and yet more tweaking. It's got to be about 100 degrees outside and the window unit's struggling to keep things cool in here. Still I see that Bethesda's site has some new stuff up, it being Friday and all. Amazing what being down in an air-condition basement can do. This time the wallpaper's the Orgim. That one's Juan's. I did do the texturing though. Inspiration this time? Well, I kept refering to the Star Wars Episode 1 edition of Cinefex for this one. Boss Nass in particular.

Tuesday 7th August 2001
Tweaking continues. I'm currently working on a variation of a creature for a special quest. Obviously I can't say anyhthing else! Wouldn't be a special quest then would it?

The meetings go quickly these days. Too much to do! Christane should have the Kajhits and Argonians fully in now, with all their special animations. She'd also like me to further tweak some of the tattoos on one of the characters. Other than that, it's the normal crunch time madness!

Friday 3rd August 2001
Stewart Gilray's link's been updated in the "link" section. He's moved on and is now someplace else. 'Course the links section's not up yet, but it will be soon. Everything's down except this month's Journal at present. I'll gradually update the other pages in the coming weeks.

I was recently asked whether someone could use some of "my" graphics on their site. Well, most of the stuff on this site isn't "mine" to give. Most of it belongs to the companies I worked for at the time I created them. Now, some of those companies no longer exist, so I don't know what to tell you on that one, but I certainly don't have the power to give you permission to use 'em. I'm just a lowly artist, with all the legal power of a bread stick. There's a couple sketches I did that are mine, and you can use them as long as you credit me and link back to this site (When it's up!). Other wise it's the old "Express written permission only" deal with "WhateverSoft".

The cleanup of the monsters continues apace and to aid in my "texture reference" I recently purchased a Rancor model sculpted by James Groman. NICE model, lots of detail. I picked it up for thirteen bucks. Well worth it if you can find it. It'll look real nice once I have the thing stuck together and painted. Nice Gamorian guard that comes with it too.

Wednesday 1st August 2001
With regard to a recent discussion on the Official Forums on the inspiration for the Hunger I'd like to fill everyone in on the design of that creature. We usually start off with a sketch. Most of the creatures are from older Elder Scrolls games or from Michael Kirkbride's warped and twisted brain. The Hunger though was a replacement creature. For a while we didn't even have a name! The folder on my drive that contains the Hunger's mesh, animations and textures is still called "replacement". For the Hunger however I was allowed to design a creature from scratch. Below is an early rejected sketch that I did before begining the creature. The body was kept but we changed the head to a lamprey/Flukeman kind of thing.

(c) 2001 Bethesda Softworks Inc., a ZeniMax Media company. All rights reserved.

You might see some inspiration from "Pumpkinhead" in there too. A lot of inspiration for the stuff I do, and I guess that goes for most people in the industry, comes from movies. Movies, models, comics, and books. Whatever you can get your hands on. Personally I subscribe to a bunch of stuff. Cinefex , Amazing Figure Modeler , 2000AD , National Geographic. I've got the ubiquitous action figures on my desk, along with dinosaur models, alien models, a scale model of a human skull. Whatever I need to get the creative juices flowing.

Eventually I hope to put up some info on the Morrowind section of this site detailing the creation of one of the creatures from initial concept to final model and animation, but that's a bit off yet. Hopefully though this will give those interested a little insight into the Hunger, which wasn't a rip-off of the Flukeman, but was influenced by that classic beasty, along with a whole host of other stuff and hopefully some imagination on my part. ;o)

Tuesday 31st July 2001
Art meeting: Mav brought her rats in today, so Ken was VERY lucky when he started his table-top gyrations in his shorts. Could have lost a couple of old friends there!

I noticed that the official site ( has some monster wallpaper up now. Specifically a Dremora nd the Hunger. Head over there and check them out. Finally I have some detailed monster stuff to show! Hers's a couple of sneak peeks at the wallpaper taken from the actual art itself.

(c) 2001 Bethesda Softworks Inc., a ZeniMax Media company. All rights reserved.

Tuseday 17th July 2001
Art meeting: Well, Alpha approaches rapidly, and lots of late nights/early morning are being worked, and Ken's written too many words

As for me I've finished my current list of objects including the artifacts. There's some tweaking to be done but nothing major. I've finished tweaking some of my creatures and will be tweaking some more. I'm also helping Juan out with some texture work on his creatures, and he's taking up the slack with some of my animations. Don't think I can post any graphics just yet. Sorry. Soon though but not this week.

Saturday 14th July 2001
Okay, it's been a while! I will be updating again soon. It IS crunch time after all! Not a lot of free time at the moment, what with artifacts and monster tweaks. I'll check with Todd if I can post some new graphics, but don't hold your breath as Bethesda's keen to have original new stuff coming up on their own website.