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Saturday 19th January 2002
Susan Townsend from Mythic sent me this in game piccy of the Raumarik.

Click on the small image to see it in its hugeness!

I have the base version of next model complete and I'm working on a variant. Combining scales and fur is a right pain! ;o)

Tuesday 15th January 2002
Game Developer magazine features Dark Age of Camelot on its cover this month. There's a nice article inside on the magazine's "Postmortem" section.

I continue with the new creature, and hopefully by the end of tomrrow should have the base model finished and textured.

Monday 14th January 2002
I see the Camelot Herald has put up some new screen shots of some of the newer monsters I have been working on. Thanks to BlueDev(Mark Nelson) of Bethesda Softworks for alerting me to that.

Nice ones at that. I'll be putting up some detailed stuff in the DAoC pages soon.

I also see BlueDev gets some attention over on GameSpy, there's even a team portait to gawk at. How lovely! :o) Head over there now to find out more.

Also the new edition of Cinefex has arrived. Some nice articles there on Harry Potter, Shrek and Monsters Inc. I liked the troll's feet from Harry Potter. My new ogre feet textures have been somewhat inspired from them!

Speaking of which the new Rock Ogre textures have been approved so back to modelling some new stuff. More details when I'm further along.

Saturday 12th January 2002
The Morrowind and Dark Age of Camelot pages are up. Bit rough around the edges and there's more I'm adding by the day, but it's a start. The Morrowind ones will soon have more detailed background info regarding monsters and weapons. With the recent posts on RPGVault and the Monster wallpapers I have enough raw material to recycle into this site. I have to be careful that I use only posted stuff. No re-renders or new art, not until the game ships. Have to be cautious not to steal anyone's thunder. People do like their exclusives! :o)

The DAoC stuff is not under such restrictions. I'll be able to post re-renders, textures, wireframes. You name it! Still pretty basic on both pages but check back regularly for more stuff. Some of my new stuff, including the texture variants for the Ogre and the new creatues, won't go up just yet though.

I've recycled some of the art that was originally posted here into the MW and DAoC pages so it'll be easier to find in future. Delving through a year's worth of journal entries can be a pain!

Thursday 10th January 2002
I see they've posted some more monster shots over at RPGVault They're a bit dark, but at least it's something. I'll clean them up and add the best ones to the Morrowind pages soon.
Nix hound model from Morrowind. It's been almsot exactly a year since I first put up the teaser texture on this very journal. Check out last year's Journal entry above!

The Stone Ogre and variants are coming along now. I should have them finished sometime tomorrow. I tried for something resembling Rhino skin, seems to work fine so far.

Wednesday 9th January 2002
Just got this in from Steve Bruce of Creations in the UK. It's an old team shot from my Ocean days. I joined them almost 15 years ago to the day. For any old 8-bit fans who drop by this may enable you to finally put a face those 8-bit classics of yester-year.

Tuesday 8th January 2002
Still working on the Rock Ogre texture. It's been decided to tweak the model as well, but keep the Ogre anims. I think I may now have got a handle of this one, so now it's full steam ahead! Still working on the Morrowind and Dark Age of Camelot pages here a the Eyrie. Should be done soon now.

Something a bit disconcerting today at Mythic (I visit there on Tuedays and Thursdays). What I had believed was the Mythic Communal Tea Trough was, in fact, a blocked sink! Hey, it tasted fine last Thursday! :o)

Friday 4th January 2002
Happy New Year to you all. Unfortunately for Gary Noonan (aka WormGod, GT) it hasn't started out so well. I hear he was involved in serious car accident and suffered rather nasty injuries to his foot that will require reconstructive surgery. Best wishes to him and a speedy recovery. Gary worked on both Battlespire and Morrowind for those not in the know. For more details check out the Morrowind Forum over on Elderscrolls.com.

I promised a while back that I would post some more preproduction art from DAoC on the Journal. I've been a bit busy actually working on the game to get stuff ready but here's something at least.
Above, the initial sketch for the crab.
And the crab itself in the game. For once, the sketch bears a passing resemblence the the finished article.

Currently I'm working on three new skin variations of the Ogre. Sometimes a skin can come very easily but this one's being a right pain in the rump. Should have something to show Mythic by Monday though, if I can figure out what's happing to the physique on those last batch of critters.

Monday 31st December 2001
Well, I've finally got my disk backed-up, reformatted, and everything reinstalled, including MAX 4.2. Nothing to report yet, it sees fairly solid and everything comes in from 3.1 okay. The Guar still runs, the new hand-walking creatures for Camelot strut their stuff. So I'm happy so far. I've really got to get those concept sketches finished now!

I've started to work on the Morrowind pages again, now that there's something out there on the official site and in industry magazines that I can reference. I'd like to put up my own renders and such but that will have to wait until release, but there's enough stuff out there in public domain now that I can us that. Check back in a few weeks to check on progress there.

Sunday 30th December 2001
Shot taken from Computer Games online article on Morrowind. Click here to read

Saturday 22nd December 2001

Jones! You're slacking again boy! Get back to your chores you lazy arsegike!, Leave us bearded ones alone.

(mutter. Always something with that lad. mutter. And we all know what a "Dentist" really means. grumble...)

Friday 21st December 2001

The glasses aren't fooling anyone Ken!

After reading the mini interview with Ken Rolston in the new issue of Computer Games, it occured to me that he forgot to mention his earlier work as Santa in the Christmas classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Compare to the images above. Ken actually told me that he almost didn't get the job, a relatively small part, but he needed the money to augment his paltry teacher's salary at the time. You see, he's a skinny guy, is Ken. Santa's a fat bloke. As Ken tells it Mr Bass really liked him and wanted to use him, so they came up with the "eat Santa EAT! Who ever heard of a skinny Santa?!" line to accomadate him! If you look closely in the later scenes at the end when Santa's plump it's obviously a cheap fat suit.

In later movies they actually used a fat actor. Look at Mickey Rooney in "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". That's real blubber you're looking at there.

Oh, and please ignore the half-faced Dev in the lower left corner. That's Craig, the Dev team all ignore him too.

Wednesday 19th December 2001

My copy of 3D studio MAX (v4.00)arrived last night. Nothing to report yet, as I've yet to install it. Still backing my system up before a big clear out. Manuals look a bit cheap compared to the earlier ones though. I sort of expected more from over $4000 worth of software. It's going to take quite a few monsters to pay off that little lot! (Perhaps Malthar will give a couple of groats extra a week if I stop with the bald jokes...)

Also got my copy of Computer Games. Nice little article on Morrowind, great review of Dark Age of Camelot, little Ken Rolston interview, and even a little Morrowind image (Dark Elf Female, an early one of mine) on the backer-board! I'll scan some images soon, once I have MAX up and running. I have to leave the Eyrie tomorrow to go down to Fairfax VA to meet with Mythic. On the way I pass the Zenimax offices (With a big Zenimax sign visable from 270!). I usually wave, but I know no-one can see as they're all deep within the bowls of the building, cut off from sunlight, preparing Morrowind for release upon the world. Their bodies withering from lack of light, their eyes begining to bulge, little hunched forms running hither and thither.

Kinda worried though when they end every email with "My Preciousssssssss...."

Monday 17th December 2001

I see the new issue of Computer Games is out and on the shleves. Nice Morrowind cover! And there's that sword again! :o)Six page preview. There's also a review of Dark Age of Camelot in there too! (4 and a half stars, none too shoddy!). I'll post pics once I get my copy.

Saturday 15th December 2001

Here's an early version of the Ogre/Ettin for Dark age of Camelot. I've included some working textures. Just to give an idea how I go about it. Lots of scribbling really. Scribbling, and scratching. Mostly scribbling though.

Saturday 8th December 2001

Here's the final render. More tomorrow
Firday 7th December 2001

I've FINALLY got that old hag dragon clean! Man, you wouldn't how dirty those old ones get. Still, it's done now. Just hope Malthar doesn't go and give here any more of that cheap Dragon Chow.

As you can see I posted a sketch of one of the creatures that I worked on for Camelot. I'll post a render of the final creature tomorrow. Hopefully now I won't take so long between updates!