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Monday 17th December 2003
I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season  and peace and good health for the New Year.

Monday 13th December 2003
I've made some changes to the Eyrie's look.  Also, I've received an email from a fan of the Daggerfall logo. He liked it some much it is tattooed onto his arm! Joseph Doyle has kindly allowed me to put his photo on the Eyrie which I'll link from the Daggerfall Page soon. I've included his photo below with the original for comparison. He also has a Morrowind Mod on his site at :

Here's the tattoo:

Joseph Doyle and his tattoo
The original

Monday 8th December 2003
Updated the Daggerfall logo page. It can be  found at:


Saturday 6th December 2003
Well the Travel page is up as of yesterday!

Take a look here.

Also received an email from  Mark Jackson, an artist on Daggerfal and Redguard.  For all those of you who don't know he designed the Daedric Rune set that's used extensively within the Elder Scrolls world. Seems he's been busy the last few years working on the new movie "Delgo". Check that out at this link: www.delgo.com

Thursday 4th December 2003
Almost ready to put the Travels pages up. Just a few modifications. hopefully this week

Also, thanks to Theodor Lauppert for these graphics. A while back I asked if anyone had a copy of the original Bethesda website. It featured work that was being done for Daggerfall cut scenes at the time. He's managed to find two images I worked on at Wayback machine, a site that archives old images from websites.

The lab image many will recognize from the intro to Daggerfall. There are some others he discovered by Louise Sandoval whom some may remember  as the Daggerfall artist responsible for the many of the characters

Wednesday 17th September 2003
It's been a while but I'm updating again. I'm currently creating some Elder Scrolls Travels pages. Once I  have approval from Zenimax I'll upload them.

Also, thanks to Striker for the update on Destination Morrowind. Due to various things I've decided to host the Eyrie on Erols for a while.

I notice my links are woefully out of date and I'll be getting to them soon.

Thursday 10th July 2002
The new edition of Cinefex arrived today. Spiderman and Episode 2. There's a list of the effects crew for Industrial Light and Magic and I see Bethesda alum Gionvani Nakpil gets a mention. Did some nice work on SW. Ep. II. Also worked on Jimmy Neutron I believe.

Work continues apace on the DAoC expansion pack, Shrouded Isles. See the Official Website for details. My internet connection's a bit flkey at the moment due to noise on the phone lines after a series of recent storms. Yes, I still use dial-up. Sad, I know. Really must get that cable modem one day. It's has affected the frequency I could update the site. Hopefully it'll resolve itself soon.

Wednesday 3rd July 2002
Okay, it's been a while Let's see if I can maintain a journal for a while again! A few musings to get going...

I see that Ray Harryhausen and Phil Tippett were presented them with honorary Doctorates at the Academy of Art College on June 24th, 2002 Click here for photos. Both have been great influences on the game industry. After seeing Harryhausens work as a kid, I always wnated to make monsters. Thank you Mr . Harryhausen.

Morrowind gets a rather good review in this month's Computer Gaming World. 4 and a hlf stars (out of 5). "The definitive open-ended RPG epic." And "Editor's Choice" to boot! Dark Age of Camelot also has a strategy guide in there.

Mythic's currently hiring artists. Get your resumes in!

Currently producing a creature a week for the DAoC expansion pack. Can't say too much but I did buy the Walking with Prehistoric Beast (As it's called in the US) DVD and book for reference. Make of that what you will. ;o)

I've been given permission to put some more images up of the work I did for Morrowind on condition that they are only taken from the game. No rendered images on my part. This makes things rather tricky as I don't have a copy of the game, and if I did, would be unable to run it on my current system! So... I'm looking for shots from the game. I'll post a list up soon of what I need. I'd appreciate any help I could get.