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Wednesday 21st February 2001
The Morrowind team have moved into their new area, and I'd just like to say: "Resistance is futile" :o)
Monday 19th February 2001
Well, thanks to Telefragged and especially Kathode The Dragon's Eyrie is now being hosted by them. This means no more pop-up ads and a more reliable and faster site.
I've found copies of Rubicon, Cybernoid II, Total Recall, and Insects in Space for the Atari ST emulator I have installed on my machine. Hopefully I'll be updating all those pages in the coming weeks. You'll notice that I've already begun updating the Cybernoid II and Rubicon pages and things are a bit messy at the moment. I had planned to have it all finished by today, but my current project took longer than I thought. Still, I should have everything ironed out by the end of the week.
Again, thanks to Kathode and Telefragged.
Friday 16th February 2001
I've not updated the Journal for a while as I've been busy putting the finishing touches to the latest creature. Starting to get there but it needs some more work. The Morrowind team moves into their new office space tomorrow, and they'll be offline for the rest of the afternoon, so I can't get any feedback. That being the case I thought I'd update the site again.
I've added a few things, tidied up and corrected some mistakes. I'm also moving the site to a different server, but more news on that when things are a little more clear.
Wednesday 7th February 2001
Morrowind Art Meeting. Probably the only thing to report, or that I'm able to report, was that we had some problems with some phallic rocks! Looks like even the landscape's getting excited about Morrowind! :o)
Also I made a mistake in reporting that my next creature would be more "natural" looking. That one's Juan's creature so I'm jumping forward to the next one on my list. An old face from Battlespire. I'm rather pumped about creating this guy again. I wasn't very pleased with his Battlespire incarnation, but this time I hope to make amends.
Friday 2nd February 2001
Nice article on Morrowind in this month's issue of Computer Gaming World, and another at Gamespy. The current creature is finished save for the death animation for which we're attempting something special. I'll put the finishing touches to it over the weekend and then start work on the next creature model. Ain't no way I'm using Biped for that one! All those legs! (shudder)