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30th January 2001
Nothing too earth shattering from the weekly meeting to report although I hear the team will be moving to their new space by the middle of next month and another new artist has joined the team. I should have the current creature finished this week and after that a more "natural" creature from the Morrowind zoo-olgy. After that's complete I can look forward to the return of a Battlespire favourite, but I can't say what or whom just yet. 
26th January 2001
Whilst hunting around for some textures for the new creature I'm working on a found the old photo of the Battlespire team! 
25th January 2001
Most of the modifications have been made to monsters so far completed. Got a nice leaping/lunging effect to the Nix Hound run. The new character is also now blocked in. I'll try some textures tomorrow and perhaps "physique" him to a biped to check vertex assignment. 
Also started to gather up some graphics from my old 8-bit days, via the WWW, to add to the site eventually. Amstrad CPC versions of Gryzor and Renegade particularly, but I found a screen shot and title screen from the very first game I worked on 14 years ago; C64 version of Arkanoid! I'll put something up over the weekend probably if all goes well with the new creature tomorrow. 
23rd January 2001
Just got back from the Tuesday Morrowind art meeting. Couple of things to report today. The Khajiit and Argonian 3D artwork is awesome, and the (creature) still needs work.(Thanks, Christiane...mummble...mummble..mummble...);-) 
Also the new "space" that Bethesda and the rest of Zenimax will inhabit comes along apace. Quite a dungeon you're building there guys! Windows? Who needs windows?! Sunshine gives you skin cancer anyway! When finished though should be a nice step up from the current space the team enjoys. With the addition of a few dragon head trophies and a liberal sprinkling of suitable hand forged weaponary it ought to quite comfy!
I've made a few updates to the website. Mostly minor graphical changes. Things might be a bit slower for a while due to some "heavier" artwork until I get some time to tweak things a tad. That's probably only going to happen after the (Secret Whatsit) complete however.
Also, have I mentioned how "Physique" SUCKS!! Arrrrgh!
20th January 2001
Wet, cold, snowy day today in Maryland, so I was cleaning out my bookmarks when I stumbled on an old interview I did for The Amstrad CPC Games Resource. Back in the old days in Blighty, I used to work on that CPC. Happy memories...(Trails off and looks wistfully out of the window at the falling snow) Anyway, for anyone who's interested in retro gaming theTACGR's URL is: . 
And the interview, for those willing to listen to the ramblings of an old pixel-pusher, can be found at:
Nothing like a bit of nostalgia on a wintery afternoon...Now excuse me while I get back to the snow. ;-)
19th January 2001
Almost have the (creature) finished. As you can see from the textures on this page it's still a little ways off texture-wise. The animation's are pretty much done though and I have the (another creature) next. Should be interesting. 
17th January 2001
Not updated for a while. Too busy! He's a sneak peek at the Nix Hound Not too much to go on I know, but things have to be cleared through BethSoft first. Look at for a more detailed version in a while.
Very reduced texture artwork for the Nix Hound. The orignal sketch arwork canbe found here.
16th January 2001
Elder Scrolls Inducted into GameSpy Hall of Fame! GameSpy announced that the Elder Scrolls Series has been inducted into their Hall of Fame. Check out the Daggerfall section for some of my real old sprite art. Ah, the memories...