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Tuseday 16th October 2001

It has come to my attention that young Jones has been spending far too much time scribbling in his journal of late. This is not something I encourage. The dragons need feeding, and Idris needs his teethed pick again as I young goblin got in last night and was, shall we say, snacked upon. Young goblins can be so stringy too.

Let this be a warning to you Jones. I'll be keeping my eye on you a lot more closely from now on.

Friday 12th October 2001
I see there's a downloadable movie from of some of the technology used in Morrowind. Here's a snap shot from the movie. I'll post more and have some links up to download it soon.

Wednesday 10th October 2001
No news from Mythic on my creature designs just yet so no sketches to show. I did notice though that the new edition of NextGEN has a small piece on Morrowind. Page 60. Really just stating that the release will also include X-BOX as well as PC. Nothing new there, but it does has a shot of a creature. I notice it has the old textures on it. That was one of the last critters I fiddled with before finishing up my contract with Bethesda. Now, if only Todd would let me post a pic of the updated one...

Wednesday 4th October 2001
It looks as if my current work for Bethesda is over for now. I'll probably do a few tweaks here and there if they're needed as a freebie but other than that I won't be working on Morrowind anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to jump back in when the expansion packs are being developed. Time will tell.

I'm now going to be moving over to working on Dark Camelot for Mythic Entertainment. Still on creatures, so I'll post something here when I have something to show.

Monday 1st October 2001
Well my list is again finished for Bethesda, no news yet if I will get another one. I haven't been down to Bethesda in a while, as it was seen as more sensible to actually work on the game than have meetings. A decision with which I totally agreed with. :o) So, no insider news to report, although a hear that the live cam from Ken's shorts has had to be postponed until the spring. :o( something about the cold weather and shrinkage. Sounds a bit technical to me, just being an artist and all. :o) Nothing else to report as yet, but if I get a new list I'll let everyone know.
Real shame about Ken-cam...which reminds me...Must pick up some more raisons when I'm next at the store...