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 Tuesday 23rd February 2017
Great article comparing the generated landscape of No Man's Sky and Daggerfall. All good stuff. And nice to see Hal Bouma getting some attention. Well worth a look. (Yeah, I know I mentioned this in a tweet but I've only got 3 followers! ) Slate article

 Tuesday 26th January 2017
. Beginning work on a Zbrush version of the host of this website, Malthar the Mage. VERY early days yet, just an hour in or so.)

 Tuesday 16th February 2016
. Work on the Zbrush Clannfear continues. Have the base model close to being finished. Painting to start soon :)

 Friday 12th February 2016
Yes, the site's still a mess, but have added extra content and begun a major clean up of the pages. I've been asked by many people for examples of Zbrush work, and to that end I'm putting together a page or two dedicated to just that. This will show the re-creation of an old Battlespire favourite of mine. The Clannfear. Over the years this Daedra has changed form a few times (I like to think of those as 'breeds'). This one will be based on the original. AS it should have looked, when I first worked on it. So check back in over the next few weeks to watch it's progress.

 Monday 25th January 2016
Apologies to all who've contacted me over the last few months. I've made it back to the Eyrie, but due to a family illness my priorities have been elsewhere.

The major updates to the website continue, and if you find anything amiss at the Eyrie please let me know. This is a place that serves both fans of my past games and prospective clients looking for just that right artist for their next project.

So if you're a returning guest, or simply stumbled on my little corner of the web, have a look around. Don't worry, the dragons don't bite. :)

 Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Plenty of mess at the old Eyrie as I clean things up and make repairs. Malthar's been moaning that it's all taking far too long. Miserable bugger...

I'll be posting a mini tour of my little corner of the Eyrie. It's my little garret in the far West tower, where I keep all my reference books and models. Some of the models have been used again and again for character work. See what you can spot :)

Also look out for some Halloween decorating too...

Just some things to keep a little art skivvy like myself warm and cozy on those long cold nights as the wind  howls and the rain splatters against my windows.

 Tuesday 15th September 2015
OK. BIG updates happening on this site. Adding LOTS of new info on all my latest games. Check the 'Projects' section for more information. Huge Apologies for not updating for so long!

 Wednesday 10th January 2006
Just a quick note. STORMLORD had been released for mobile!
Details here:


Saturday 30th April 2005
Much updating of the site. Check out the Dark Age of Camelot, Stormlord, and Tribunal pages.
 Friday 8th April 2005
Okay, yes, very sad, it's been an AGE since my last update to the journal. Unfortunately, what with my last few games leaving no time free to work on the site or the journal, I've had to leave it.

I've now finished up all work for Elder Scrolls, and have some free time to work on the site again. The Shadowkey page is almost finished and then I'll attempt to finish the other pages which have remained half complete for a while.

Look out for those soon!