The Elder Scrolls
Destination Morrowind A Morrowind site, which also hosts my own!
Morrowind Summit A Morrowind site on
The Essential site A fine site, the forum is often frequented by Bethesda staff.
Hall of Adventurers Not updated any more, but still full of info.
Xanathar's Library Lots of Elder scrolls related material.
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls' Pages A fine site.
The Official Battlespire Site Bethesda's official Battlespire site. You may notice some similarity with my own intro page. I created the graphics for Bethesda's Battlespire site also.
The Battlerealm Lord Ravana's site. Originally a Battlespire but has exapanded to cover other TES games and beyond. Now no longer updated.
The Shores of Stros M' Kai A very nice looking Redguard dedicated site, that hasn't been updated for quite a while.

Software Companies
Home of Daggerfall, Battlespire and Redguard and the forth-coming Morrowind
Home of Lara Croft, Darkmere, and Dragonstone

Home of Ocean
Ocean was my first job!
The mighty EA.
"Screaming Kings" New home of Stuart Gilray, a programmer I worked with on Darkmere and Rubicon.

T.A.C.G.R. - The Amstrad CPC Games Resource For all thoses old enough to remember the '80's


Artist who's worked on Battlespire, Daggerfall, Traveler and Morrowind, and is now currently teaching ebonics to the voices in his head! (Hi Mark!)

John Pearson
Artist who's worked on  Daggerfall, Redguard and Morrowind,

Flesh Rot

3d Cafe A big mix of useful stuff for the 3D artist
Counter A free counter service
Stats A free stats place. Recommended
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