Malthar.Just WHO is Malthar? Where does him come from? What is his history? Now, dear reader, all shall be revealed! You have discovered teh secret link. Hidden in place sight, but only found by those who truly see! CRPG style viewpoint was implemented, and the game turned into something else. I tried very hard to keep a similar graphic style to that used in Darkmere but with the reduction in sprite size and the different viewpoint I don't think it was totally successfull.

I left Core Design before the coding was finished and I never did see the final game, but I am told it wasn't a classic! Years later while I was still at Bethesda Softworks I met a reviewer who very much liked Darkmere, but said that Dragonstone was a Darkmere "wannabe". Despite that, I felt that many of the graphics I did for this game were rather good for their type. My main influence would be "the chaos Engine" by the "Bitmap Brothers" as I thought that was the best example at the time of this style of graphic.