Profile - Mark Jones
I first begin working with computer graphics on a Commodore VIC 20, designing graphics by redesigning the Ascii characters. Since that time I have worked on many projects, and on most of the early 8 and 16 bits games I handled all design work, and later, on the PC, I would be part of a team.

Starting at the tender age of 18, I have been working in the industry for 30 years. In that time I have been lucky to have worked on all aspects of games design, from the complete design of games such as Darkmere and Dragonstone, to level design, box art, character design and animation, intro animations and other in-game animations, interface design, real time 3D characters and environments, texture design, etc

In that time I have been an art director, a game designer, even Head of department, but I have always considered myself foremost as an artist, and that is where I am now. The following profile is intended to give the reader some idea of what I have done in the past and, to show potential employers what I am capable of now.

If you have any questions regarding my work, or are currently seeking an artist to work with you please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page.

Mark Jones
January 2016
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Game Titles
Title Date of release System
University Of Louisiana
Conquest of the Coast
2007/2008 PC

Playfirst/Mean Hamster
Pet Shop Hop
(Pro typing game art)
2007/2008 PC

Eragon (Pro typing)
2006 mobile

Bode Miller Alpine Racing (NBC)
2007 mobile
Unfabulous (Nickelodeon)
Nintendo DS

Kristanix Zamby
2007 PC web
Pirates of the Atlantic
2007 PC web

Vivalamobile Chronicles of Narnia Multi player (prototype artwork )
2005 mobile

BobbeeTec Cyboid
2005/2006 N-gage

Vir2L Shadowkey
2004 N-gage
Elder Scrolls Travels 2003 Cell Phone
IHRA Drag Racing
2003 Cell Phone

Mythic Dark Age of Camelot
2002 PC
Expansion pack
2002 PC

Bethesda Sofworks Daggerfall 1996 PC
Morrowind 2001 PC/XBOX
PBA Bowling II 2000 PC
Battlespire 1997 PC
Dollhouse Not released PC
Redguard 1998 PC
Skynet 1996 PC
10th Planet Not yet released PC

Ocean Software Ltd. Arkanoid 1986 Commodore 64
Gryzor 1986 Amstrad CPC
Renegade 1986 Amstrad CPC
Mag Max 1986 Amstrad CPC
Top Gun 1986 Atari ST
Platoon 1986 Atari ST/Amiga
Rambo 3 1986 Atari ST/Amiga
Total Recall 1987 Atari ST/Amiga

Hewson Consultants Ltd.. Cybernoid II 1988 Atari ST/Amiga
Stormlord 1988 Atari ST/Amiga/Sega Genesis/PC
Insects in Space 1989 Atari ST/Amiga
Scavenger Not released Atari ST/Amiga

21st Century Entertainment. Rubicon 1989 Atari ST/Amiga

Core Design Ltd. Darkmere 1993 Amiga
Dragonstone 1994 Amiga

Electronic Arts Space Hulk 1994 PC

Fenris Wolf Traveller Not Released PC

Arcana It's a Frog's Life Not Released Amiga

Eldritch the Cat Tentacles Not Released Amiga

Software Experience
Software Package length of experience System
Animator Pro 6 years PC
Alias Power Animator 3 years SGI
3D Studio MAX 8 years PC
Deluxe paint 6 years PC/Amiga
 Painter 6 years PC
Photoshop 4 years PC
Multple in-house utitlies 18 years Multiple Systems