The Queen

Many projects I have worked on never see the light of day. Somethimes the art I create is simply for prototyping and then discarded once the "real" artist comes. Sometimes a project once begun is cancelled, or simply not picked up by the publisher.These images are from a game design that was never accpeted.  I designed various charceters for the game, and you can see the concept sketches here. I laso completed a character model for the game, from inital concept to final model with textures.  Although not finally used it does serve as a good example of how I create a model.

The Sketch

The The initial concept for theQueen. I enjoy sketching and was lucky enough to have some time to create a few character sketches for this game.  For some I was given photo references that captured the "look and feel" the developer was after. Some times I was given free reign to come up with something.. 

OK. I don't actually use a pencil, rather Painter and a Wacom tablet are my tools of choice.  These sketches are rather more detailed than I usually present, as I tend to use them  simply as a jumping off point when it comes time to model the character in 3D.  My tool of choice there is 3D MAX.

The model was designed to accept two version of the "skin". I started on teh second skin, but never finsihed it as the game was never given the green light.

The Dark Queen

I may one day complete the "Goth" Queen, but here is a very rough sketched in idea of what the texture may have looked like had I finished it.

   The idea of the extra skin, is to hide the gemotry that's shared amongst the characters. The bare skin would be somewhat more covered, not that a 'Battle Bikini' is the best idea for armor.

All images copyright Mark Jones 2007-2008

Above, a comparison of the final model with the original sketch. As the idea moves to the 3D world, some design ideas become impractical, and so are changed, but it's important to retain the original's "flavour", and not dilute the original idea too much.

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The Queen