Skynet was a followup to Bethesda's earlier Terminator games. It was a realtime 3D game featuring a "Deathmatch" feature, where one could choose a character ranging from an Arnie style terminator to a feamle resistance fighter. It was these characters that I worked on, supplying animation, textures, and model work. I was also lucky enough to work on the cover of the box, which can be seen at the top of this page.

The characters were quite a challenge. Bethesda's X-ngine at the time was only capable of dispaly characters in the range of 100 to 150 polygons each. Texure work was also limited as small polygns could not be mapped with large texutres. For example the faces of the characters are only textures of 16x16. I'm glad to say that their revised engine can now do much more!

An interesting thing. When Synet was released we was to have a local tv crew come round and film their morning weather broadcast. It was decided that the weather guy's face would be applied to one of the character so he could play "himself" and we would get extra publicity. Unfortunately after the graphics had been completed (including T-shirt graphics with the TV station's logo on it) the TV crew pulled out. Quite a fun exercise however!