Based on the movie of the same name, this game was the usual platform clone that Ocean had begun to churn out for all it's film tie-ins. Nothing wrong with the game style but if you had a similar title there really wasn't any reason to buy another. 

Still looking for screen shots for this one. So far this is all I could find. This page needs some attention and I will get back to it in time but it was not the most warmly received title I ever worked on so I see little use in giving a more detailed back story than I have here.

Screen Shots The Sprite size was limited but Arnie had to recognizable as Arnie, hence the cartoonish appearance of the characters. The backgrounds for some of the game came from another game I had worked on by was never published, called VAUX. There's quite a long story attached to tthat which someday I'll share in more detal!

Image copyright Ocean Software

Code : Anknown
GFX : Mark K. Jones
Music : Unknown
© Konami - Ocean 1987