Traveler Traveler, the space based RPG, was licensed to Fenris Wolf, and we had intended it to be a 1st person, "PC-Like" RPG for the Dreamcast. It unfortunately was canceled by Sega, as they wanted to concentrate on more action/sport type games for it's launch. 
On this page you can see some of the initial work we completed before the plug was pulled. Much of this was based aboard on ship, which we used to demonstrate the game system. Various Ship "shells" were built, but these shots show the only interior that was finished.
The Bridge, It was intended for the player to pilot his own ship, and we were to use this area as our main control area.
Corridors A typical corridor section from the ship. The green window looked down into the hold. This would enable a good vantage point for sniping if the ship was boarded during the game.. 
If the ship was boarded we ensisioned a running battle, with a Quake/Ureal type game play.
The Hold. Here you could store cargo and other goods.
A typical corridor from the game. Many of the projects I have worked on have never seen the light of day. It's not unusual for games to be canceled, although in recent years I've been lucky that they have been far fewer than once was the case. Traveler did offer mt the chance to work in a different genre than I had. It was good to get back to the Sci-fi look once again after so many years away/
Engine room aboard the demo ship. The tubes seen here pulsated with a glowing energy source, almost like liquid lightening. The whole demo look pretty impressive. Unfortunately it was canceled before we could finish the project . I believe the license for a Traveler computer game is still in the hands of Fenris Wolf. So fans of the RPG may one day see it, although not in form shown here.
The Exteriors

Exteriors of two ships were built as can be seen here.